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No more fish in the sea?

So my fellow Londoners:

Been to Oxford Street lately? Go and pass by Selfridges and tell me what you find!

Those of you who don’t live in London (or don’t have the chance to go to Oxford Street right this second…): no need to despair – I am your eyes and ears.

Introducing :

Selfridges launched its Project Ocean campaign:

A whole month of raising awareness on what is happening in our oceans is coming to an end.

NGOs, charities, organizations and institutes have been coming together to talk, discuss, inform and meet all those interested in the state of our oceans it’s inhabitants.

Keywords in the campaign and all the events that are taking place are not only the oh-so-common overfishing or sustainably fished tuna, but also ocean acidification, questions of which combination of policy work, protected marine reserves and joint approaches to enforcement of negotiated agreements is needed to save our oceans. Or at least stop them from deteriorating even more.

The fact that Selfridges not only gave all the window space and their lounge in the basement to the cause but also pledged to change all their fish products to sustainable options gives hope and hopefully also drives the point home that conscious consume behavior can be one of those approaches direly needed.

I especially like their interactive fundraiser: Their website is an aquarium full of fish. When you donate a little egg will hatch and become a fish carrying your name and linking to your facebook and Twitter. This little fish will keep on swimming past every once in a while. Are you on there yet?!

To read more about this strategy of involving people read the DigitalBuzzBlog.

So, if you are around, check out the store fronts, come to one or the other charity event; oh – and give the rodeo wale your best shot!




London goes green!

What we all have either used or at least seen in cities like Paris and Barcelona is finally coming true for London:

Bikes for hire all over the city!

Mayor Boris Johnson shows his environmentally friendly side and signed over the bike campaign to Barclays.

On July 30th 6000 bikes with the Barclay’s logos on them will swarm out into the streets of London. Barclays is paying £25m to take over the bike scheme. Is it a “payback for the mayor’s support of financial institutions in the credit crunch”??!

Do we care? We get to have the bikes!!

So, how does it work?

For £1 a day the bike is yours. Payable by credit card at one of the 400 docking stations all over London nothing stands in your way of living out your love for the bike. For those of you who like to ride for a while, careful, charges go up if you stay on for more than 30 minutes. Might be work taking an annual pass: the price then drops to 13 p a day.

Unfortunately it seems like we won’t get to enjoy all 6.000 bikes right on the 30th, since there was a delays in installing docking areas. Cycling the city will start with two cycle super highways that will connect the suburb to central London.

TfL expects 40.000 trips a day. Can we top that?

To those crazy bikers and those of you who have a car please pay attention to blue paint on some roads: this space is a shared zone for cyclists and drivers alike….so be friendly to each other!!!

This concept really works in other cities, let’s turn London into a success story, too!

Have fun with them and take care of our environment!

Sources: London Evening Standard Friday 28 May 2010 and BBC online

Diddy and Kutcher team up: Malaria No More


For the 4th of July P. Diddy and Ashton Kutcher teamed up to fight a forgotten killer: Malaria.

Diddy’s legendary White Party served as a reminder of how we can work against Malaria.

You can buy shirts from Comb’s Sean John Malaria No More Collection and for every shirt two bed nets will go to certain parts of Africa to help people protect themselves against the deadly mosquitos that carry Malaria.

Here is a special message from Ashton Kutcher:

Check out their website if you want to contribute:

Peacebuilding initiatives like this are seem to be really effective in drawing the public’s attention to a good cause, but sometimes I wonder how long this interest lasts? Is it just a small publicity hype, or can the attention of these celebrities really make people aware of what is going on in other parts of the world?

NGOs have to ask themselves the same question: should they start advertising for peace? Should we turn something that is based on morals into something hot, sexy and flashy to catch attention?

Tell me what you think? Does it touch you if Diddy or Peter Gabriel or even the late Michael Jackson tell you to support their initiatives for peace?

Personally, I think it’s time to take the path that people are willing to follow. As long as it doesn’t go against one’s own values….

So, go ahead an contribute to the fight against Malaria!

Be in peace,

Nina Aeckerle