Welcome to this blog.

My name is Nina Aeckerle, I have been in the field of peacebuilding, conflict transformation and development for four years. My experience is that we, NGO workers, often find ourselves talking to other peace workers, from other NGOs, while we should be speaking to those who are not yet involved. But how can we reach out to them?

The reason why I originally created this blog was to reach out to people, especially to youth, to give them the opportunity to get involved in peace work, to share their experiences, to be inspired by others and to get started with their own action for positive change.

Life has brought me to move on and I am now working in the field of environmental protection – especially conservation. Although my focus of action has slightly changed, I still believe what I felt was true for peacebuilding and conflict transformation in the area of youth work: we need to reach out much more than we already do.

Now, with a broader view addressing different topics, people and sectors, I will show you new initiatives, exciting progress and the need for much more activities to change for the better. But it will also just be things that excite me, make me curious for more, happy or sad or simply make me laugh.

So, independently of whether you have been in this field for a long time, or whether you are a newcomer, I am sure you will find something interesting.

Peace and be nice to each other,




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