Michael Jackson – a peace activist dies

michael-jackson peace activist

A couple of nights ago Michael Jackson died.

The story of his life was both a miracle and a tragedy at the same time.

Young and incredibly talented he came to rapid success. The last years were rather coined by scandals, seemingly by loneliness but nevertheless an immovable admiration from his fans.

His success is indisputable. Be it in the way he made music or in his dance, it is clear that he revolutionized the music industry. He created his own style, his own way  and his influence on modern music – not only Pop, but also R&B, hip hop or even Rock – has been quite obvious and will be indisputable in the future.

I would like to mention two of his songs; both express his commitment to changing the world in a positive way.

The Earth Song

This song is a painful reminder of how humans have managed to treat each other and the planet we live on:

  • we consume
  • we waste
  • we brutalize
  • we torture, trouble and tantalize
  • we attack
  • we destroy
  • we beat, bite and scratch
  • we rape
  • we scar
  • we infect
  • we cause fear and tears
  • we hate

and the list could go on and on.

Michael Jackson’s song reminds us of what we can and should do:

  • we save
  • we create
  • we protect
  • we heal
  • we embrace
  • we love
  • we include and change for the better.

Not only with regards to humans but also with when it comes to animals, plants, nature: our planet. Our one and only planet.

Michael Jackson did not only plea for a different fate of the earth. For example together with Lionel Richie, he was responsible for USA for Africa and the song We are the World.

This song is an intent to bring different artists, such as Tina Turner, Bruce Springsteen, Quincy Jones, Billy Joel, Willie Nelson, Cyndi Lauper, Stevie Wonder or Bob Dylan,  together in order to express their concern for current affairs and grievances.

It reminds us of a number of things:

  • there is need for change
  • we cannot continue the way we are going right now
  • and it is us who can change this world. Every single one of us can.

Of course one could go on analyzing some of the other songs of Michael Jackson, such as Black or White and many others: all of them with a deeper meaning that touches on social issues.

Drop me a comment, let me know what you think about those videos, whether you think it is a way to reach people, what could be changed in its expressions and approaches.

Until next time, peace.

Nina Aeckerle


3 responses to “Michael Jackson – a peace activist dies

  1. takeyourinitiative

    We have lost one of the greatest artists on earth.
    A great Man!

  2. Good article, and good stressing of MJ’s importance…
    thank you!

  3. takeyourinitiative

    Thanks Jonas, happy birthday Yeritac!!!

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