Basketball, Fashion and Hip Hop meet Positive Change

bandeau Ukind 1

This is a great initiative by basketball player Boris Diaw. Who says we can’t be hip and cool and care about the environment at the same time?!

Their philosophy is impressive:

UKIND brings an ethical and human approach to every item of clothing. In every part of the fabrication process, as well as the commercial aspect, the brand is attentive to the sustainable development challenges, reducing as much as possible its ecological impact.

UKIND offers the possibility to each man and woman to wear quality clothing, sensitive to the environmental approach, allowing each and everyone of us to express our commitment towards nature, whatever the scale.

It’s the small things that make the difference.



kent yo

Boris Diaw’s initiative for positive change and sustainable development is being supported by hip hop artists such as the French artist BlackKent.

So if you want to spend your money on clothes, this is where you should go:

Nina Aeckerle


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